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Giebler Enterprises is offering bands the chance to have their own application for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We are taking our experience with developing apps such as Party Jukebox, Play On Cue, and Go Eagles! and applying it to individual artists and bands.

Here's how it works:

You provide the content for the app: images, artwork, lyrics, music, schedule, bios, links

We develop the app with your content and submit it to Apple for review and release. (typically takes 3 - 4 weeks)

We recommend releasing the app for free, but that is up to you.

Giebler Enterprises requires a deposit of $500 to begin work and the balance of $499 must be paid before the app is released to the Apple app store. Additional customizations are available at an hourly rate. To get started, contact Giebler Enterprises at 610-933-0332.

"Every artist should have their own app to promote their music!"

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